MyCollegeMax is a research-based program that is designed to provide high schools, colleges and universities, and non-profits with a tool that is critical to the success of their students while allowing them to track the short- and long-term success of their students. Each education and non-profit account is provided its own customized and co-branded landing page and student development transcript.
"I am so appreciative and fell so blessed by what you are providing our school, sharing your time and talents and at such an affordable cost to us."
Ann, Head of School, Chesterton Academy
  • High Schools/Districts: MyCollegeMax helps students prepare for college and career success through a research-based approach while allowing high schools and districts to track their students post-graduation. 
  • Colleges & Universities: MyCollegeMax helps higher education institutions achieve their goals with retention, graduation, time-to-degree, and placement rates.
  • Non-Profit Agencies: MyCollegeMax can help non-profit agencies meet the multifaceted needs of the populations they serve.  The "value added" a non-profit will bring to a district with MyCollegeMax is extremely high and will offer educational partners with incredible opportunities to develop their students and track their success.
For students and families, the MyCollegeMax Advantage is unmatched in today's competitive educational market.  Institutional accounts are extremely cost efficient averaging less than $3 to $5 per student annually depending on the size of your school, district, or institution.