MyCollegeMax is two programs in one that helps high school students prepare for college and college students prepare for career. Once students have MyCollegeMax, its theirs for life at no additional costs. All of the content and tools on MyCollegeMax are research-based, concise, and very easy to use. The dashboard modules and content are designed and written with high school students in mind and there is a customized section for parents.

What are the benefits of MyCollegeMax?

  1. Choosing a major correctly can greatly improve your chance of graduating in 4 years. FACTS: 33% of public college students graduate in 4 years with each additional year costing $68,000 in tuition and lost income. Most students graduate in 6 years costing public college students $136,000 in tuition and lost income. In total, across all colleges, only 55% of college freshmen will earn a college degree.
  2. In a recent Gallup poll, 89% of employers do not feel that college graduates are hirable but 92% of Chief Academic Officers at colleges and universities believe they do a great job of preparing their students for their careers. helps students learn the skills that employers and graduate schools are looking for and what to do to develop those skills.