MyCollegeMax is designed first and foremost as a tool for students to achieve personal, academic, and professional success.  However, as a significant catalysts of that success, non-profit agencies play a major role in facilitating student achievement.  MyCollegeMax provides agencies with the tools to positively influence the high school students they serve; achieve, track, and document student outcomes for funders; and to demonstrate their positive impact in the communities they serve.  No program offers programmatic, grant development, and evaluation data the same way MyCollegeMax does.


  • Donor Development: As a non-profit agency, MyCollegeMax allows you to provide a "value added" to your students and maintain student relationships long after your students complete your program.  By offering MyCollegeMax to your students and tracking the outcomes long after your program is complete, you will enhance your "brand" and the impact of your development activities with donors and corporate sponsors.
  • Grant Development: Virtually all foundations, state agencies, and federal agencies require a demonstration of impact.  This is the greatest challenge for non-profit agencies who often are challenged to follow their participants after they complete their programs.  MyCollegeMax will allow agencies to:
    • Implement a research-based program that provides strategies for individual success,
    • Track student activity during the program, including completion of career assessments that most high schools with limited resources are unable to provide their students,
    • Document activities at the completion of their program;
    • Overcome one of the greatest challenges of not-for-profit agencies, document the long-term impact of their programs by tracking students years into the future; and
    • Report on college success in a way that most state educational agencies cannot, by accessing data on participants years after they are finished with your program. 


  • Student Success: Student success cannot be achieved without the individual agency of the student.  MyCollegeMax provides students with the tools, data, and guidance they need to become proactive in their education.  In doing so, students take ownership for their development benefiting their college readiness and academic work alike.
  • Student Tracking During High School: Agencies can assess student engagement outside of their classes by creating aggregate reports over entire grades or on an individual basis. This helps with continuous improvement of your program, individual one-on-one counseling, improving academic success, and enhancing college AND career readiness.  
  • Student Development Transcript: Students, educators, and community agencies can download and print Student Development Transcripts that can be used during counseling sessions as well as be included in college application packages.  
  • Student Tracking Post-Graduation: The advantages of tracking graduates who enter college is critical to assessing the success of your programs. Not-for-profit agencies and educational institutions need to know if they are preparing their students to achieve their full potential.  MyCollegeMax provides the ability to track your alumni attending college and report on their success.
  • Communicating With Past Participants: MyCollegeMax will allow you to communicate with your past participants through email, enhancing and maintaining your relationship with past participants, providing opportunities to recruit mentors for current participants, and providing a wide range of communication opportunities.  
  • College AND Career Readiness: MyCollegeMax promotes college AND career readiness.  Regardless of their career path, students will need some post-secondary education/training. MyCollegeMax will prepare students whether they end up at a top college or university, pursue an advanced manufacturing career; or want to become an electrician, welder, or plumber. That's because in today's job market, all those fields are connected by the same economic and technological forces that result in the need for similar skill sets.  Most importantly, the activities promoted by MyCollegeMax are exactly what develop those skills regardless of future job choice.
  • MyCollegeMax Is Designed for Everyone!: Whether you are working with a valedictorian or someone who has great struggles with school, MyCollegeMax will assist you with helping ALL students succeed.  This is because MyCollegeMax is based on experiences which research demonstrates is the single best way to prepare someone for future success.