what is mycollegemax?

MyCollegeMax is a tool designed to help high school students prepare for college and college students prepare for career through a "dashboard" technology that includes:
  • Career Assessments: In about 30 minutes, you can find information about yourself that will help you choose your major.
  • College Readiness Scale: Your College Readiness Scale is a list of things linked to additional information you should do before college that will be a huge benefit to you as a college student.
  • Career Readiness Scale: Your Career Readiness Scale is a list of things linked to additional information you should do before you graduate from college that will be a huge benefit to you as you look for your first job.
  • Learning Styles Assessment: The Learning Styles assessment will show you what your learning styles are and how you can use them to do better on your homework, tests, and exams.
  • Student Development Transcript: The Student Development Transcript keeps track of everything you do as you check it off your Readiness Scales.  Plus you can customize it!  
  • Future Monthly Income Calculator: The Future Monthly Income Calculator will help you to estimate your future income and expenses and see if you have extra or not enough income when you start paying back your student loans. The Future Monthly Income Calculator will help you avoid some of the negative consequences of student debt.
  • Quick Links: The Quick Links feature will lead you to information that will be extremely helpful to you including student debt, graduating on time, high school vs. college, choosing your major, college departments, and acing your classes.
MyCollegeMax also has over 400 pages of content on a number of topics including but not limited to:

maximizing your job potential after college

  • Choosing a Major: A 5-step process with video guidance that will help you pick the major that is right for you!
  • Job and Internship Strategies: Will help you search out high quality internships and jobs.
  • Job and internship Interview: Will teach you the most effective job/internship interview strategy designed to give those with limited experience a competitive edge.
  • Networking: Teaches you how to network through a simple approach that you can build upon as you enter college and then your career.
  • Mentoring: The single best strategy for improving your skills, knowledge, and "insider" status.
  • Building Your Personal Brand: Explains the value of developing a personal brand based on your values, passion, and career direction.
  • 5 Job Search Letters: Offers 5 templates of the most common job search communications.
  • Building a High Impact Resume: The single most important document, other than your degree, in your life.  MyCollegeMax helps you build an amazing resume!
  • Evaluating and Negotiating a Job Offer: Your first salary and benefit package will have a huge impact on your earning potential.  MyCollegeMax teaches you how to communicate and negotiate your first job contract.
  • Your First Year on the Job: There is a right way and a wrong way to approach your first year on the job.  MyCollegeMax will teach you the right way!
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur: Being an entrepreneur is an amazing experience.  Starting off on the right foot can make or break your future company.  MyCollegeMax will get you headed int he right direction.

maximizing your college experience

  • Active Learning: College is completely different from high school and the sooner you understand what the differences are, the quicker you will be successful.  MyCollegeMax takes you through the difference in how you learn and what you need to change.  
  • Differences Between High School and College: Explore how college is different from high school in 4 key areas: level of support for students, teacher versus professor, academic environment, and testing & grading.  
  • The Curriculum Outside of the Curriculum: If you do everything you are expected to do in college, you will not be competitive when you graduate.  MyCollegeMax teaches you what you need to do above and beyond your classes.
  • Campus Focus: Learn what every college campus has to offer.
  • Higher Order Skill Sets: Learn about the types of skills employers are desperately looking for in college graduates and how to develop them.
  • Mastering Reading and Writing: Learn how to read, learn, and write like a college student.
  • Graduate School: Learn if graduate school is right for you and where to get started.

maximizing your life potential

  • Financial Management: Learn how to budget and minimize your college investment while maximizing its benefit.
  • Goal Setting: Learn the most effective way to setting goals
  • Time Management: Learn how successful people manage their time with minimal effort.
  • Manage Your Well-Being: Learn how to create balance in your life while maintaining your grades, preparing for your career, and having a strong social life.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Learn the very important role that Emotional Intelligence plays in your success and how you can build your EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) 
  • Achieving Success: Learn very specific approaches to success that everyone can do.