The MyCollegeMax Professional/Ambassador Referral Program allows professional educators, counselors, and consultants to enhance their service to their clients as well as any individual (referred to as an Ambassador) who wishes to refer students to MyCollegeMax.  The Professional/Ambassador Referral Program works like this:
  • A MyCollegeMax Professional/Ambassador refers a client or person to MyCollegeMaxby providing them their Professional/Ambassador MyCollegeMax Identification Code;
  • The person who you referred signs up and puts your MyCollegeMax Professional/Ambassadorr Identification Code in the referral field when they register; and
  • The MyCollegeMax Professional/Ambassador receives a check for $50.00 for each member they refer (unlimited).
It's that simple.  Just make sure the person you refer puts your MyCollegeMax Professional/Ambassador Identification Code into into the referral field! 


To become a registered MyCollegeMax Professional/Ambassador, complete the one-page MyCollegeMax Referral Program Application.  There are limitations placed on school counselors or other educators where a referral may be "unethical" by professional standards.  In those cases, we would encourage you to secure an Institutional Referral Identification Code where $50.00 checks are cut to a scholarship or foundation of the institution's choice.