In Daniel Pink's book, Drive, he explains why students are not prepared for college and career and links future success to motivation.  Simply put, we are still preparing students for predictable job duties that have a clear place to start and a distinct endpoint.  However, today's job duties are more "organic" where job tasks are less predicable; non-sequential; with many possible approaches, pathways, and endpoints.  To prepare for this, students must be motivated.  This occurs when students have a purpose or career goal.  MyCollegeMax provides students with assessments that allow them to choose a career path and consequently a major that they will be less likely to change.  This greatly improves their chances of graduating in 4 years.  Pink then points out that passion is critical to success. Passion cannot be taught.  Passion develops through experience that people freely choose.  MyCollegeMax provides students with tools that are real-time; measure their success through a rating of platinum, gold, silver, or bronze; and link to what research has demonstrated prepares students for today's knowledge economy.  When students become passionate, they develop a need for mastery and that becomes the internal drive that most students are lacking through no fault of their own. That is how MyCollegeMax taps the untapped capacity of every student.
MyCollegeMax is about cultivating the next generation of leaders that will be successful whether they are Fortune 100 CEOs, religious leaders, managers, teachers, political leaders, entrepreneurs, or stay-at-home parents.  MyCollegeMax helps students develop "habits of success."  MyCollegeMax offers an individualized solution to a significant global issue, one student at a time through proven strategies.