tracking your clients

The ability to track and report on your clients is an extraordinary opportunity! MyCollegeMax offers MCM consultants the ability to track their clients as they transition from high school through college. More importantly, the report variables used to measure success are evidence-based and well documented in educational and career research and include:

  • Internship and similar experiences;
  • Number of student groups/activities the student participates in;
  • How many times a student visits their career services office;
  • How many times a student volunteers while in college; and
  • How many leadership positions a student has (i.e. officer of a club, team captain, student government position, etc.).

While these variables are not the only predictors of success, it is well documented that when a student has engaged in the above manner, they are more likely to:

  1. Persist until graduation;
  2. Graduate on time;
  3. Have a higher grade point average (GPS); and
  4. Land a job either before they graduate or within three months.

The benefits of tracking this information, among other demographic information like time to degree and grade point average offer compelling arguments when:

  • Recruiting clients;
  • Retaining clients;
  • Reporting to clients, families, and organizations; and
  • Encouraging positive behavior choices, activities, and actions with current clients.

Few, if any college consulting programs offer this ability, making MyCollegeMax among the very best most cost-effective programs on the market today!

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