sample presentations

One of the most successful strategies to gaining clients is to present to a group. There are many keys to successful presentations but the most important is "keep it simple" and "keep it brief."  MCM will place a number of presentations for you to use and customize on our site with recommendations on how to leverage the presentation to gain "entry" into a particular market. See below for an example.

Top 10 college success strategies

Many times, high schools are looking for speakers to present a brief, easy-to-follow presentation to high school juniors and seniors.  The below presentation is for high school seniors; takes about 15 to 20 minutes; provides concrete strategies for students; and can be delivered in a small group format, in a classroom, in a larger classroom, and in an auditorium.  The key is to leave your contact information behind (i.e. business card, email, or personalized web site).

Top 10 College Success Strategies

Other presentations are customized for school counselors, parents and students (usually evenings), and other professionals.