Client Recruitment Strategies

There are many ways to recruit clients for your MCM business with the following being a few proven strategies. Remember, word of mouth is the best way to build a client base so ALWAYS treat your clients well and they will return the favor with referrals. Finally, make sure you have professional business cards printed and perhaps a consulting web site that leverages the MCM web site you will also have. See Real Life Sample Site.

  • Grass roots approach to recruitment is the best. Leverage the organizations you already belong to (i.e. churches, sports and other extracurricular leagues/activities, and any organization that have people). Let people know what you do and always have a business card available. 
  • Print, radio, and TV may work but are the least cost effective strategy.
  • Social media is a great strategy to reach parents! Use Facebook and do FB adds that target parents.  
  • Create a blog and promote it on your FB page.
  • Find someone who is also working with this population (i.e. school counselors, coaches, dance teachers, and other consultants) and develop a "mutual referral agreement."
  • Do a free presentation for a school, community center, or youth activities club.
  • Link to organizations like PTA, athletic leagues, and booster clubs.
  • Offer discounts to anyone who attends your presentations.  Key is to get as many clients as possible so "word of mouth" spreads.
  • Hold "hours" at coffee shops where people can walk up and ask questions free of charge.  Give everyone your card.
  • Have friends and family help promote what you do by educating everyone you know on what you offer!
  • Link to colleges and universities to offer the program. Try linking to career services, student affairs, or student groups.
  • Find activities where parents are engaged and offer your volunteer services.  
  • Provide a "free service" at fundraising events for non-profits whose events attract parents of high school kids.
  • Ask people for names of families who may be interested in your services.
The key to recruitment is creativity, consistent outreach, always being prepared, and letting your passion show.  If you love what you do, people will be naturally attracted to your services.  

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