mcm consulting business

Starting a MCM consulting business is designed to be easy and lead to a quick turnaround to profitability. The following features provide MCM consultants with the expertise and resources they need to start and grow a prosperous business.

MCM Coaching Supports

  • Video tutorials on each component of the MyCollegeMax web site.
  • Regular webinars on the various functions of the site
  • Regular webinars on educational trends
  • Email updates to coaches that support coaching and business development

MCM Business supports

  • Starting a MCM Business
  • Exceptional Resources MCM Consultants MUST Read
  • Personalized MCM Web Site
  • Tracking of Clients
  • Sample Client Packages
  • Sample Client Contact Tracking Sheets
  • Client Recruitment Strategies
  • Sample Presentations
  • Research and Trends in Education
  • Technical Support
  • New Services and Features
  • Real-Life SAMPLE MCM Business
To learn how to become a MyCollegeMax coach, click MCM Coach!