MyCollegeMax can help college advisors promote independence and proactive decision making before students even step foot on campus and throughout their entire college career and beyond. 
  • Academic Advisors: Academic Advisors can refer students to MyCollegeMax to learn about research-based and experiential learning strategies to enhance their grades and the likelihood of graduating on time with a strong GPA.
  • Career Counselors: Career Counselors want students to understand that they need to do far more than what is simply required of them in their classes.  MyCollegeMax provides students with an efficient manner of learning about those opportunities while keeping track of them on their Student Development Transcript.  When students are ready to write their resumes, they can use their Student Development Transcripts which automatically puts activities into categories (i.e. work experience, volunteering, professional development, etc.), tracks dates, and allows them to track specific things they accomplished during each activity.  
  • Academic Support Professionals: Academic Support Professionals provide tutoring, writing assistance, and other academic supports that MyCollegeMax includes in its program. MyCollegeMax offers a number of academic supports from improved writing and studying habits to more effective note taking and reading strategies.
  • Student Support Services: Student Support Professionals seek to provide students with experiences that enhance their college experience but also build upon skills that are developed in the classroom. MyCollegeMax provides information on the types of activities, resources, and departments students can find on campus; how to locate those activities; the role of each department; when to access various resources and departments; and when and where to get answers to their questions.  MyCollegeMax will also provide another avenue to promote college activities to students, like commuters, who historically do not engage in on-campus activities.
College Advisors can greatly improve the quality of time spent with students by referring students to MyCollegeMax.  This is because MyCollegeMax provides critical information to students across a number of student support areas. Most importantly, research proves that MyCollegeMax promotes the very same activities that improve retention, time-to-degree, graduation, career readiness, and placement rates.  This is accomplished by the MyCollegeMax Advantage.